After an injury, our Durham Physiotherapy services are an important complement to chiropractic adjustments. While chiropractic care is the primary focus at our practice, our chiropractor Dr. Leidich recognizes the benefits offered by complementary therapies, including physiotherapy modalities. Physiotherapy provides drug-free pain management, supports the healing process, and optimizes overall health. Integrating Physiotherapy exercises into our treatment programs deliver the best results for our patients.
Durham Chiropractor Integrates Physiotherapy for Enhanced Injury Rehab
A primary goal with our Physiotherapy treatments is to prevent the formation of scar tissue. After an injury, the body will try to heal itself. Without proper support, however, scar tissue can form, which exacerbates pain and slows the recovery process. Physiotherapy treatments like ultrasound help break down scar tissue and can even prevent scar tissue from forming in the first place. Ultrasound waves increase the flow of blood and relax muscle tissue, reducing spasms.

Integrating physiotherapy exercises into a patient’s rehabilitation program helps to speed recovery after common workplace injuries, sports injuries and auto accident injuries. Following these injuries, inflammation and swelling can trigger pain and block the healing process. Physiotherapy supports healing by reducing internal inflammation. For example, moist heat and cold therapies increase blood flow to the injured muscle tissue, flushing out toxins. These therapies help to release tension from sore muscles, which relieves pain. We can also explain the best way to administer these treatments at home with hot and cold packs, so you can provide immediate pain relief when your body needs it the most.

Our corrective exercises are some of our most popular Durham Physiotherapy treatments. These exercises are designed to bring a full range of motion back to an injured body part without aggravating existing injuries. After an injury, we understand that many patients are worried about exercising or even performing basic daily movements out of fear that these movements may re-injure the body. Corrective exercises help bring back motion without the risk of injury. These gentle exercises focus on mobility, flexibility, coordination and balance. Many corrective care exercises can also be done at home. By teaching patients at-home care and exercise, our chiropractor helps empower patients to take control of their health and recovery.
Our Durham chiropractor recognizes that each patient faces unique injury and pain management needs. Through our integrated approach to pain management and healing, we are able to help patients who are recovering from surgery or suffering from neurological disorders, chronic pain or muscular illnesses. Physiotherapy helps patients safely “get moving” again without aggravating pain or existing injuries.

At Chiropractic & Wellness Center, our Physiotherapy program relieves pain, promotes internal healing, and restores a full range of motion to the body. We have helped hundreds of patients safely heal and manage pain – without the need for medication or surgery. This is why our wellness center is a top choice for Durham patients.

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