Although most of our patients discover us when they need help with a specific pain management problem, many of them keep visiting us long after their pain has resolved. The reason is that we provide the tools for our patients to achieve their optimum health here in our Durham wellness care center. Instead of just reacting to existing health problems, our chiropractor, Dr. David Leidich, strives to help patients prevent future health problems by taking proactive steps towards improving their health.

Our Durham Chiropractor Helps Patients Stay Healthy

Each of the services we provide here in our Durham wellness care facility can benefit people who already feel “fine” just as much as they can benefit people who are in pain. Chiropractic care, which involves correcting misalignments in the spine, whether slight or serious, is a prime example of one of our wellness services. Spinal misalignments usually start out small, before they manifest any symptoms. And yet, even then, damage is affecting the spine and wellness of the body. Receiving regular postural screenings and gentle spinal adjustments from our chiropractor can help keep your spine in its proper alignment so that you avoid future pain and dysfunction. A properly aligned spine will help your entire nervous system function at its optimal levels so that your body can heal and regulate itself as it should, contributing to your overall wellness.

We also provide many other services to people who are focused on becoming healthy and reaching their full potential. In addition to chiropractic care, we place a big emphasis on lifestyle, nutrition and exercise counseling. We can help with every aspect of your health, not just alleviate isolated symptoms. By focusing on these things, we can help you remove things from your life that prevent you from being fully healthy, while suggesting ways to improve in areas that can take your health to the next level.

Our chiropractor’s form of care focuses on what you can do to help your body help itself stay healthy every day—without the side effects of drugs or other invasive techniques. Whether you are currently struggling with a painful health issue such as back pain, neck pain, or pain anywhere else in your body, please come to see us for healing chiropractic help. Even if you feel fine now, call to schedule a postural screening and to talk with Dr. Leidich about avoiding health problems in the future.